Khamis, Oktober 08, 2009

Bagan Pinang and Promotion in the Army

When discussing the by-elections in Bagan Pinang, someone showed me an invitation card for the Anniversary Celebration of the 2nd Armoured Regiment at Sungala Camp, Port Dickson held on October 5th 2009. The invitees includes top army commanders and some notable UMNO politicians who have all decided to make their way to Port Dickson for the function.

As I was writing this posting, I received a call from Port Dickson to confirm that the people who attend the recent function where PM Najib had announce the renaming of Port Dickson as the Army Town had received an envelope containing cash worth RM300. How fortunate are these people to be receiving such largesse from our generous PM, and if only I knew, I wouldn't mind lining up among the mass to receive the cash that is more than sufficient to pay off my petrol expenses.

Just imagine, if there were just 500 people attending, what would be the total payout, and if it were 1000 people, just times that by two. What generosity?

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Media Cyber berkata...

biasa jer

Tanpa Nama berkata...

The whole Malaysian Armed Forces now is in trouble. Headed by former Air Force Chief as PAT ( selected base on mediocre-what was his performance as TUDM chief???-nothing as many TUDM assets are all in trouble... what has he done in as far as improving pilot training and skill??? less than a week he left TUDM, 2 pilots crashed a brand new PC7 mark II in Langkawi and 2 pilots perished and what was the cause-still unknown? biasa la cover up and his involvement in the Eurocopter deal, very soon it will not be secret anymore!!! his KPI failed but yet!!! jadi PAT-kalau Malaysia perang sekarang ni, maka mampus la kita semua)
The Malaysian Armed Forces is just a place for UMNO cronies contractors gold mine!!!!! all stinks and real stinks when the generals are part of the conspirator that will weaken the nation security. Nasib la Malaysia, ada general pun semua kaki angguk UMNO dan esok kalau pembangkang ambil alaih mereka pun kaki angguk.....hancur lah negara ku.

Rihar Diana(dhana) berkata...

ehm...masa sampai seperti itu....???semangat buat negarana ya.....!good luck n God bless U...

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