Selasa, Oktober 05, 2010

Umno Takut Kerajaan 'Makan Duit' Bocor

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was at the MPSP Raya Open House. Earlier, in another press conference,MPSP Chief Hj. Mokhtar B. Mohd.Jait announced MPSP has gained a surplus of RM6M although they had expected a RM15M deficit. This is due to MPSP transformation drive.

As at 4th October, MPSP has an income of RM143.43 which is an increase of RM7.63M compared to 2009. MPSP also recorded a surplus of RM54.39 after deducting its expenses as it has reduced expenditure by RM8.05M compared to 2009.

CM Lim said such savings and also the anti-corruption dividends have enabled the state to afford giving to all senior citizens above 60 years old, RM100 per year. For the deceased, their beneficiary will get RM1,000 once.

However, UMNO is now very scared as people are asking why the current PR government can afford to give the senior citizens money while the previous BN government has none to share.


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