Selasa, Disember 21, 2010

RM30K Untuk Putar Belit Cerita Menghentam Pakatan Rakyat

Janda Baik???...

Bloggers Wanted

As part of BN Machinery to counter oppostion and pro opposition bloggers. UMNO and PBB has set up a RM10 million Cyber War Fund.

We invited Sarawakians with journalistic instinct to contact or visit any PBB, PRS and SUPP branches to register yourself as an interested party.

Qualified Candidates will be notified within 7 days.

Training will be conducted by NST, Malay Mail (Datuk Rocky Bru) and Utusan Melayu at Pusat Latihan UMNO at Janda Baik.

Every blogger will be given a granted of RM30,000 to set up their blog, whether it is free or paid hosting, besides being paid monthly allowance of RM5,000.00 per month.

We therefore call on all responsible Sarawakians to register themselves at offices of Sarawak BN Component parties.

It is your duty to defend Sarawak from the onslaught by Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak.

YB Abdul Karim Hamzah
YB Fadzillah Yusof


ahsfantasy24 berkata...

Saya tengok macam kamu nei seorang
blogger yang peramah..

ad ssuatu yg ssuai tu kamu, jom kte
g tgk kt:

Tahniah, kamu seorang yang peramah!


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