Jumaat, Januari 14, 2011

Oh Shittt... Andartu Dah Kena Fcuk???...

'I had sex with Ummi in London,' says witness

A defence witness in the sodomy trial of jailed former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim told the High Court today that he had sex with star prosecution witness Ummi Hafilda Ali.

"I had sex with Ummi in London," said Norazman Abdullah @ Baginda anak Minda to the murmurs of those seated in the public gallery.

The 40-year-old Iban told judge Arifin Jaka that he had known Ummi since 1992 but their relationship only became close when they were in London in June 1998, together with businessman and former MP S'ng Chee Hua (who was Norazman's boss then) and another friend.

"When we returned to Malaysia, Ummi told me that she would give my ex-wife RM200,000 so that we (Ummi and I) could get married and elope to London," Norazman said, adding that he was then married with two children.

"Ummi also told me that I would have a 25 percent share in a RM10 million advertising project," he added.

Ummi, who made court appearances during Anwar's corruption trial last year in designer attire and matching accessories, had told the press that she "is still a virgin". Bacaan penuh disini


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Correction!Dia bukan andartu tetapi jandatu. Dia dah kena tobek tak layak address dia sebagai andartu.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

jandtu bakal jutawan hamPAS siapkan rm 100 juta HINGGIT takda duit? takda masalah kita pinjam duit KOHILAL ?

toklabuh berkata...

ya la janda tuuu

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