Jumaat, Ogos 14, 2009

TamiFlu for Treatment H1N1

Treatment and Prevention
When you or someone in your family begins to experience flu symptoms, you have 48 hours to take action. Trust TAMIFLU, the number-one prescribed antiviral flu medicine*:

  • For flu treatment: When taken within two days of experiencing symptoms, TAMIFLU works by helping to stop the flu virus from spreading inside the body
  • For flu prevention: When you have been exposed to someone with the flu, taking TAMIFLU can help keep the virus from making you sick

Taking TamiFlu
TAMIFLU is a prescription medication for flu prevention and treatment in adults and children aged 1 year and older.

  • TAMIFLU is available in pill form
  • TAMIFLU is also available in a fruit–flavored liquid form with a dosing dispenser for children 1 year and older and for adults who have difficulty swallowing the capsule.
  • TAMIFLU can be taken with or without food. As with many medicines, if you take TAMIFLU with a light snack, milk, or a meal, the potential for an upset stomach may be reduced.

>>More Information About TamiFlu, Pro & Contra>>>

Protect Yourself
-Use mask

Please Don't Do That
-AVG Anti-Virus System
-Norton Anti-Virus
-Kapersky Anti-Virus and others


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