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Video: Duduk Bantah. Sebelum Provokasi Special Branch, Polis Dan FRU?

CitizenJournalistsMY | This is the scene in front of the Malaysian Bar Council along Lebuh Pasar Besar from 1.45 pm to 3.00pm on 28th April 2012.

More than 5000 citizens of Malaysia have gathered along this road to show their support for Bersih 3's call for clean and fair elections.

The protest took on an atmosphere of gaiety and at 2 pm the supporters sang the National Anthem, Negara Ku and pleaded for the police to open the barricade so that they can sit and protest peacefully.

An unidentified marshall was on hand to remind the supporters of their right to assembly and that they will sit and protest. They will not go into the Dataran even if the police were to open the barricade. Their purpose would already be achieved if they sit there from 2pm to 4pm.

Yet the police and the FRU got into position and the water canon trucks rolled in. At this point the supporters were told by the marshall to just sit down and not engage the police.

However minutes after 3 pm, the police fired chemical laced water into the crowd followed by many rounds of tear gas. That was the beginning of havoc and mayhem in front of the Bar Council.


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