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Beware of local university's African students... Wassup Niger!!!

This is true and all happened within these two years!

I have a friend's daughter who is studying in Limkokwing University, and she was kidnapped by a Botswana student studying there as well. The African is 37 years old!. The daughter was kidnapped and managed to escape from that African. However, she had been raped, beaten, tied up and punched by the man. That bastard even got his African friends (Botswana students too) to rape the daughter. Now the daughter is in trauma. Because of this case, I have investigated amongst the Limkokwing students, and there are more serious cases that had been happening within these two years. Please read and spread the news to your friends, it's not rumours. Trust me, or you may ask any of the Limkokwing students!. I am sad as it is all covered up by the Limkokwing's president - Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing.

The covered issues about Botswana students (African black):

  1. They take drugs in the University toilet and had been caught by security guard. However the president warned the guard not to spread the news.
  2. They take drugs in the university's event, especially in the Orientation night organized by the students' society and faculty. The lecturers saw the incident and they tried to stop, but they like to use the same sentence too against the lecturers: 'who the f*ck you are, we paid to Tan Sri and Tan Sri
  3. paid you, just shut up!'
  4. They get drunk and many accidents happened in Cyberjaya (too many accidents, you can check with the police station)
  5. They keep drugs in their apartments, i.e. Desa Ria, and even bring drugs to class. In the University party in Desa Ria, they took drugs and alcohol (Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing's daughter was there too).
  6. They disturb the female students, especially the Malay and Chinese students. They just take away and use their handphones without asking for permission (means they just grab!). The girls always feel scared and just keep silent as they do not know what the Botswana students (Africans) will do to them.
  7. There are classes in which of the students' population is 70% Botswana students. They do not pay attention and cannot keep quiet in the class and the local students are disturbed by them. They even argue in the classes (not only once) when the male local students asked them to shut up, end up they fight. Lecturers tried to stop the Botswana students, again, they showed the same respond 'who the f*ck you are, we paid to Tan Sri and Tan Sri paid you, just shut up!'
  8. They love to sexually harass the female students. This statement needs no further explanation! Ask the students! (8) They do not submit assignments and are late in submitting assignments, but still pass! The concern is they still pass! What kind of quality I wonder? They deserve to repeat and fail. Is it the University policy? Their (African) government paid more to Limkokwing University, so they can pass easily? They don't even follow the lecturers' guideline, how they can pass?
  9. They even act rude to the lecturers... The lecturers just keep quiet.
  10. They scratched the lecturers' cars..
  11. They insulted the students' counsellor in front of the crowd when they not managed to cut queue.
  12. They forced the female students to give their contact numbers.
  13. They gather at their hostel every night and get drunk.
  14. They kidnapped my friend's daughter!
  15. They used Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing's and the vice president's names to cover their ugliness, of which Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing and the vice president knows! They allowed this to happen.

I hope you help to spread the news and I hope there will be a petition to ask the Higher Ministry of Education to look into the African students' recruitment in Malaysia, especially Limkokwing University. It is already the hell of crime in Cyberjaya.. I am sure the African students bring harm. If you do not believe, you can ask anyone of the Limkokwing students, and ask them how is the African students' attitude! The dark side of Limkokwing University is all covered up. Please take serious action and discipline the Africans (Botswana students). Just lodge the police report and do not feel fear! At least we stop them bring harm to our children!

PS: This email is also to tell the management of Limkokwing to take action now. I need the students to spread the email and tell them that it is serious now, and no more covered! Soon we will record the videos and put in YouTube. It is so easy to capture their bad behaviour! STOP GIVING THEM TOO MUCH POWER! STOP COVERING UP FOR THEM!!

Lim Teng Seng


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